News 07/07 2015

Hi guys!

I see we have a lot of new followers, which is always fun to see! I love the support of the otome game community, I really do.

So… It’s been a long long time since the last update and I apologies deeply for that. It got very stressful for me to handle this project and I started loosing contact information and I didn’t know who was doing what anymore.

I have decided to drop this project. I don’t think this is sad news, I actually think this is good news. The reason?
The projects I have been wanting to translate are mostly from Otomate. Idea Factory has created their own international branch and is already starting to translate their games into english! For example, popular Amnesia and Norn 9. They have announced 3 titles already this year which is amazing. I want them to continue to release their games and get their rightful support so please consider buying these games if you would like to see more of their games translated!
I would not like to get in their way and translate their games when they are already doing so themselves.

Thank you for your support and kind words, I hope you will continue supporting Otome Games forever! ❤



News 8/9

Hii guuuys!

Saica here apologizing about my absence…  I’ve been super busy with lots of things, but now I’ll try to take care of some stuff!
Thanks to my co-admin Starred for helping me out with answering questions and other things ❤
I’m having some leads on psp hackers, so fingers crossed!
And about how we’re solving the PC issue, we will try to hack the games and NOT use VNR, since it looks better and makes the whole playing-experience much better and we want
to give you guys the best!

Actually, me and Starred already decided on a project. So the first one will (probably) be “Ijiwaru my Master”. She found a Spanish version so she can help us translate it!
It’s a 18+ game, so the next project we will take on will probably not me 18+, so we go both ways.
I’m thinking about adding one more PC project to the active list and then, if we can find a psp hacker, also one or two psp games.

It all depends on how many translators we can catch, so if you think you have what it takes to translate, please apply ❤

And last, I want to say thanks for all the support we’re getting! When I first started, I didn’t really think I would get any help at all so I’m just really really happy!

Otome Power!! (@A@)/


News 11/8

Hello! ^^

Just a small update on how it’s going, etc!

First, I wanna say thank you for everyone that’s volunteered and is showing us their support, it’s so much more fun to do something when you have others backing you up and appreciating what you’re trying to do!
We’re still in need of team members, so please go to the “Team” page if you think you might be able to help ^^


We do have a hacker that has agreed to help us hack pc games, but we also need one to hack PSP games (since most of the games are to psp, sadly), so if you can help or if you know someone that can, please tell us!
(Of course, if you can hack pc games or any other platform, please join us! <3)
You can contact me on my e-mail:

So right now, I’m looking into PC games to translate.

Also, I haven’t really decided if we’re going to actually hack the pc games or make use of visual novel reader or something like that, I’m trying out a few different methods and if you have any suggestions, please tell me!

Will update the Projects Page in the near future with pc otome games we might translate ^^


News 1/8

Site open!! (Excited @A@ ~)

Hello! ~

My name is Saica and I just recently started this site, created for my future Otome Game Translation Group ^^
I’m in desperate need of team members, so please go to the page “Team” to read more!